Hemp Protein Powder

Our Ontario Hemp Protein provides omega fats, insoluble fibre easy to digest plant based protein. Excellent for vegan and vegetarian diets. Great for smoothies ad protein snacks.

Our Products

Hemp Seed Oil

Our Ontario Hemp Seed oil is cold- pressed from raw hemp seed. Every spoonful gives you a healthy dose of omegas, vitamins and minerals. Add to smoothies, salads, dips and sauces, or enjoy right off the spoon!

Hemp Pellets and Fines

Great fibre, protein supplements for horses, goats, pigs, etc.

Hemp Personal Care Products

Our Hemp Seed Oil is used to create chemical free skin creams, deodorants, lip balms and soaps.

Hemp Hearts

Our Ontario Hemp Hearts are full of raw power to give you what your body needs. Every serving contains essential fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle on yogurt, salads, soups and salads or add to to smoothies and dips.